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We are an extension of your business

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Enabling Growth

We offer monthly accounting and advisory service packages, so you can focus on growing your business. Depending on what stage your business is at, we offer different packages for your current accounting needs. See our pricing page to find a package that fits for you.


Allow us to manage your taxes

We offer tax planning and preparation services as an add-on to our monthly service packages. We strongly recommend allowing us to prepare your taxes and utilize our planning services, if we are providing bookkeeping, payroll and other accounting services. Keeping all accounting functions under one roof helps us to see the big picture for you.


Know your numbers

Wouldn't it be great to have a CFO at your fingertips instead of paying a CFO to be on-staff? As an add-on to our monthly services, we offer fractional CFO services, which means, we hone in on only the issues you are currently interested in attacking: growing your revenue, making sure your employees are at capacity, making sure your marketing campaign is giving you the return you need, etc. Instead of hiring a full time CFO to look at every detail of your business, we will look at one project at a time, for a fraction of the price.


Managing Your People

HR is an important department for a growing business. We offer a monthly package for developing your hiring process, writing job descriptions, onboarding your new employees, writing an employee handbook, performance reviews, terminations, manage benefits and more!
We will customize a solution for your unique business needs. Our goal is to keep you in compliance, develop and enforce consistent policies and manage your employees- so you don't have to!

We provide personalized monthly packages, based on the stage of your business. Not sure if you need our services? Click HERE to find out if its a good fit.

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