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Part IV: Success/Failure Determination Stage

In the later years, you should have a handle on your business. You learn a lot while growing a business, you probably made some hiring mistakes, some purchase mistakes and other mistakes that may have been costly to you. But now you know. If you have made it this far, likely you are operating a successful business. But how do you know if you are successful? Shockingly, my recommendation would be to ask your accountant!

By working with an accountant, you have access to measurements of your success. Each industry has Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that measure different areas of your financials to determine where you can improve and where you are doing well. Also working with an accountant to budget and project future cash flow will help you to meet your business objectives.

Walker Bookkeeping Online provides services to make up your entire accounting department. We pay your bills and work with your vendors, send out invoices and make sure you’re A/R is current, we review your transactions to look for anything out of the ordinary or anything that might be missing. We compare your transactions to our other clients to make sure you aren’t paying too much. We make sure you are always in compliance with payroll and income tax laws.

Walker Tax & Bookkeeping is an extension of your team, working to take care of all bookkeeping, payroll and tax all year round will help you to save money, stay in compliance and allow you the time to focus on what you do best.

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