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All aboard! Is your Onboarding process sinking the ship?

Updated: Jan 9

When you think of Onboarding, what comes to mind? Setting your new hire up with a timecard, quickly filling out their papers and getting them to work, right? Think again.

In today’s market, employers are having a tough time just getting an applicant in the door, then fingers are crossed they appear for the scheduled interview and actually show up for the first day of work. If you’ve gotten them that far don’t blow it on day one.

New hire onboarding is much more than filling out their new hire documents. That first day is more important now than ever! What can you do to make them feel like a part of your team? Have you considered a welcome lunch where you can introduce them to their co-workers? Does your team even know there is a new hire? Is your training program in place? Have you gone over your expectations during, and after, the probationary period? How about a simple first week schedule?

All of the above and much more go into the Onboarding process, however it’s not a one size fits all approach. We’re happy to review your current Onboarding process and work with you to tailor it for your specific needs.

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